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Teri Silver: Video

ThankYouGoodNight - Ohio State Fair

  Piece of My Heart                        Heartache Tonight

   Fire                                        Free Falling (Steve Allwein)

  All You Wanted                      Summer of '69 (Jeff Jordan)

 Son of a Preacher Man                        Any Way You Want It

  Who Knew                      Some Kind of Wonderful

Foot Stompin' Music (Harry Tabler)       Before He Cheats

     Breathe                                     Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Me & Bobbie McGee          Cinnamon Girl (Steve Allwein)

  Be My Baby                 Running on Empty (Jeff Jordan)

  Night Time             Gimme Some Loving (Harry Tabler)

Living in the USA          Walk Out in the Rain (Steve Allwein)

TYGN - Old Bag of Nails

Mercedes Benz       California Dreaming (Jeff Jordan)

You're Still the One                   Heartache Tonight

Tumbling Dice              Free Falling (Steve Allwein)

Black Velvet                  The Waiting (Jeff Jordan)

Living in the USA                       Son of a Preacher Man

My Maria (Jeff Jordan)                            Be My Baby