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Teri Silver: Liner Notes

Upcoming Shows are ON! - October 31, 2007

TYGN will be performing on Saturday, November 17th and Saturday, December 1st, both at Clancey's in Delaware. More details are on the "where and when" are on the calendar page of this site.

Cold but Fun! - October 13, 2007

TYGN played an outdoor party in Laurelville, OH tonight... far from civilization, kind of, and luckily for us, on a dry, starlit night. The "Pig Gig," as John the Bass Player calls it, was a hog roast party where a good time was had by all. Last week we still had those summer temperatures... what happened!!!! Brrrr.

Date Rescheduled. For now. - September 10, 2007

We've rescheduled our cancelled date for Saturday, November 17th. It's the night of the OHIO STATE vs. Michigan game and while I don't know yet when game-time is, I do know we'll have a great time! Unless it gets bumped again... check back!

ThankYouGoodNight - August 12, 2007

I want to say thank you to the folks who came out to see the band last night... we had fun and we hope you did too! Now that you all know how to find the place, we'll look at booking there again sometime.

Getting on Stage - August 10, 2007

Yes, barring any unforeseen cirumstances, like getting hit by a truck or something, Jeff and Teri will take the stage on Saturday, August 11th from 8 pm to 12 am at the Papa Joe's Pizza & Restaurant in Groveport, OH. Check out the calendar page link of this website for details on how to get there. Be sure to come hungry for great food, drinks and great entertainment! ThankYouGoodNight plays cover music of the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and Now. This is our first public performance together, although we're all experienced musicians. Here's to hoping for a minimal amount of glitches!

Dates on the Calendar! - July 14, 2007

ThankYouGoodNight has booked three shows thus far, as we kick off our musical venture. Keep these dates open: Saturday, August 11th; Saturday, October 6th; and Saturday, December 1st. Check the calendar page of this website for details. We hope you can join us at any (all?) of our shows!

Booking! - July 8, 2007

TYGN is beginning to book some gigs... we have two on the books coming in the fall. Will give you more details soon. May have something or more, yet this summer... all in good time!

Seeing the Light? - June 8, 2007

ThankYouGoodNight is still in rehearsal but we are now looking for performance opportunities. Here's to hoping for some positive news on that sometime soon! In the meantime, Jeff and I are working on acoustic sets for simple shows that are separate from the full band sound. Nice way to spend our time together! We are hoping to add a lead player to Jeff's rhythm guitar and will determine how that would work out, if it does. Time will tell, so, stay tuned!

Shaking the Rust Off - May 5, 2007

Occasionally, Jeff and I will sing at the Open Mic Jam at the Dolphin Lounge in Gahanna. It's a lot of fun for us and we'd like to invite you all along... we need your audience! If you want to know whether we'll be there on any particular Saturday, drop me a line. The Dolphin Lounge 345 Agler Rd Gahanna, OH 43230 614-475-9944 It is an open mic jam and that means anyone can sign up to sing, play your instrument, bang a drum... etc. Sign up begins at 9:00, and you'd need to bring your own guitar, bass or other instrument (unless you're a drummer) It is hosted by Tiffany who is an excellent keys player. If you decide to come by, be sure to say hello!

Full Steam Ahead - April 30, 2007

ThankYouGoodNight has replaced its lead guitarist and is now in rehearsal stage. We are pleased to have Steve Allwein join us on lead guitar (and no, he's not replacing Jeff!!!!! Jeff is our rhythm guitarist and besides... he is irreplaceable!) Stay tuned for later developments.

Transition - April 4, 2007

ThankYouGoodNight is now looking at musician options as we must retool our lineup. Yes, it is a bit of a setback but we hope to have a more solid foundation in the long run. Thanks for your patience, I know how hard that is!

ThankYouGoodNight - January 15, 2007

Yes, yes, yes. I know. Still waiting. But things are rolling along. We had a bit of a slowdown through the holidays but we're back at it. Still practicing and adding more songs to our setlists. Still looking for a keys player and jamming with one whenever the opportunity arises. We've chosen a name for the band and are working on the look and content of promotions. I hope to have a website for the band eventually, but for the moment, you're in the right place! So, I do have high, higher, highest hopes that this will come to fruition and I can't wait to invite you all to a show!

Another Moment In Time... - December 4, 2006

And so it goes. Still building a songlist and hoping to find a place to play. I'm looking for a keys player, if any of you are out there!

Hey, Girl, Whassup??? - October 10, 2006

I am currently practicing with a group of musicians with the expectations that we will be hitting the stage... sometime. I can't give a time frame for that now but I have high hopes that this will all come together. The best part, for me, is that my hubby Jeff is playing with me on this one. It gives us something fun to do together... better than housework and yardwork and work and work... etc!

And The Beat Goes On... - September 3, 2006

You can see that I'm tweaking this site with new styles or pictures or whatever strikes my fancy. You never know what will come along! (A little tech knowledge is a dangerous thing.)

Hello, Caller! You're on the Air! - July 23, 2006

Hello Cyber World! Get ready for some Teri-Spice!

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