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Teri Silver: Liner Notes

Acoustic Show - August 3, 2016

Jeff and I brought our acoustic ThankYouGoodNight show to the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. It was a hot day to be outside in the gazebo stage (2 shows) but we, along with guitarist Lar Wokan, had a nice afternoon.  We are hoping to book more shows with Larry (he is a member of a well-booked tribute band called the McCartney Project, so he is very busy).  In any case, it was nice to be on stage again.  JJ and I will see what else we can drum up.

Yes, I'm Still Here .... - January 27, 2014

A lot of folks have asked me about the music. As you can see, I haven't written in this journal for some time because musically, there's not a lot to talk about. But here's what's happened over the last couple of years. 

Jeff and I had worked up an act with an acoustic player who then changed his mind, just as we were getting ready for booking.  We had a good setlist together and a good three-part-harmony sound that we'd worked on for many months.  We were disappointed to lose Ray, but we understand that sometimes ... often ... life gets in the way. So, we move on.

Jeff and I have performed at a few private parties and events as an acoustic duo, over the last year or so.  We're always open to that, so if you have a need for live music at your event, give us a call. 

We are talking with other musicians again, and we plan to play a few open mics to shake off the rust some. 

And, so, there you have it.

Update - November 30, 2011

OOH, got you excited, didn't I!  Jeff and I don't have anything solid on our calendar but we have performed several times for a local bar/restaurant ... the owner contacts us "on the spur of the moment," so, for the moment, we have little advanced notice.  However, we hope to have something more concrete as time goes on. Also, we are preparing some holiday music to add to our repertoire.  

In the meantime, have a great holiday season!   

Musical Moods - September 18, 2011

JJ and I had originally scheduled a September show date for Teri Silver Acoustic  ... one of several names we book our acoustic show under ... but I cancelled it because of some uncertainty. Jeff is feeling much better now after his summer-time bout with Shingles but his energy level is still bouncing back; we weren't sure about keeping this music date for the Delaware County Fair. But ... we're actively looking for a new player to turn our duo into a trio, so hopefully we'll have some performance dates soon! 

Thought for Today - May 26, 2011

Professional Writer Available - May 16, 2011

Want some good press? Need well-written information to place on your website? Need your biographies and other pages edited for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and all-around professionalism? Need help with creating pieces for your promo pack? Contact me, let's see what we can do.

Music Wanted! - December 30, 2010

Just dropping in to say that Jeff and I are looking for places to play.  It may be with just the two of us or a trio, but TYGN-Acoustic wants to bring music to you!

Delaware County Fair! - September 1, 2010

Jeff and I will be playing together with our acoustic show for our hometown crowd at the Delaware County Fair on Sunday, September 19th at 7:00 p.m. on the Gazette stage, near the coliseum.  It will be "fairly" casual, so if you're hanging out at the fair, be sure to stop by our tent.  We are looking forward  to performing at the fair, and we are looking forward candy apples, fair fudge ...  Hope to see you there!

Stevie's Back! - August 20, 2010

Jeff and I are so pleased to be playing music once again with our friend and former lead guitar player, Steve Allwein.  Steve adds his talented leads and vocals to our acoustic project which, for the moment at least, is called ThankYouGoodNight Acoustic.  We hope to add some shows to our calendar.  

Wanted, Acoustic Guitar Player - May 12, 2010

And so it goes.  We added a third player to the duo who now says he cannot do it, life is getting in the way.  They all say that.  I just wish we could find musicians who do what they say they want to do.  I know that life gets in the way, it surely has for me, as I am still looking for a job. Life and its trials and tribulations surely does get in the way of playing music for fun and profit.  But because we've gone through so many players who say the same thing, it just makes me wonder ... what can I do to change this string of bad luck? 

Working Through a Few Changes - April 8, 2010

Although... nothing's really changed, but here's an update.  TYGN is on hiatus.  I will always hope to have the band again but the turnover we've had in guitar players has had a ripple effect, so, Jeff and I are looking at other options as well as possibilities for TYGN.  In other words, Que Sera, Sera.  But music is definitely and always in our future. 

I am also currently looking for a job. Anyone need assistance from a Public Relations/Broadcast Media professional?  Take a look at the Media Diva page of this site for a look at what I do. 

 As always, thanks for tuning in .... I mean.... logging on to  Check back for updates!

Wanted: Lead Guitar Player. - January 6, 2010

And there you have it.

A Nice Evening - December 5, 2009

It was a great night at the Fur Ball, and we hope the Humane Society of Delaware County made lots of $$$$ toward their efforts of helping our precious animals find their forever homes.   TYGN is proud to be a part of it and we're looking forward to next year!

Looking Forward to the Fur Ball! - November 23, 2009

Join ThankYouGoodNight at the annual Fur Ball fundraiser for the Humane Society of Delaware County on Saturday, December 5th.  Jeff and I are dedicated supporters of our kitties and pups!

Nice Evening at Eldorado's - September 20, 2009

We played this show with just the four of us, as our substitute lead player told us that morning that he couldn't perform. So Jeff really pulled it all together with some hard work and preparation.  ThankYouGoodNight had some nice compliments and the folks were very nice all the way around. 

Looking forward to playing! - September 17, 2009

Yes, that says it all! 

All Sports Show Postponed - July 23, 2009

TYGN is postponing this show but it will be rescheduled. It's been an unstable summer but the long and short of it is, new players that come and go can be hard to keep up with. But never fear, we'll get it going!

Eldorado's Rescheduled - July 15, 2009

ThankYouGoodNight has rescheduled the Eldorado's date to Saturday, September 19th, beginning at 9:30. Hopefully, we're set with this now!

A Lovely Fourth of July - July 4, 2009

Yes, a little different this year ...instead of visiting with the family in Cleveland, Jeff and I ...and ThankYouGoodNight ... performed at a private party in Pataskala.  It was a nice evening and a nice change, but I really did miss coming into Cleveland for the family's annual Fourth of July party.  Am looking forward to coming "home" next year!

Eldorado's Postponed - June 15, 2009

TYGN's performance on June 20th at Eldorado's has been postponed by the venue. It's expected to be rescheduled, but we'll know more at a later date.

Great Show, Great Night! - May 30, 2009

TYGN performed at the Old Bag of Nails in Delaware tonight and it was very nice. The weather turned out to be perfect despite the always changing and sometimes ominous central Ohio weather forecasts, and the moon was out. Good music, good fun and a nice start to the summer. Thanks to all who came out tonight!

AMTA Ohio-Chapter - May 3, 2009

ThankYouGood Night enjoyed playing for the American Massage Therapists Association's Ohio chapter for its convention last night. We'd like to thank Kelly and the rest of AMTA-Ohio for having us.

TYGN's New Website - May 1, 2009

A labor of love it was and now the ThankYouGoodNight website is up. Check it out at (always remember to put "band" after ThankYouGoodNight) and be sure to sign our guestbook!

jtAcoustic - April 4, 2009

Jeff and I will be playing an acoustic set on Friday, April 24th, beginning at 7:30 p.m. or thereabouts. It's kind of a stripped-down version of ThankYouGoodNight or... "ThankYouGoodLight," as Jeff calls it. We will be at the Mean Bean Caffeine Lounge, at the corner of Sandusky Street and Williams, in downtown Delaware (the address is 2 N. Sandusky St.) We hope to see some of our friends there.... stop in for a taste from their extensive coffee/hot drinks/cold drinks and nosh menu. Sing along with us, if you'd like! Don't forget to bring a few bucks for my tip jar because that's how we get paid!

Fresh Talent! - March 20, 2009

ThankYouGoodNight welcomes bass player Clif May to the fold. Clif is a veteran of many bands around the central Ohio area, and will be a fine asset to TYGN.

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