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Teri Silver: Commen-"Teri"

Welcoming 2013

Posted on December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Wishing all of my friends and relatives bright light, hot music, sweet dreams, colours and magic. Here's to hoping 2013 brings all of us knowledge, health, gratitude, appreciation, vision, understanding, patience and most of all, love. 


OK, it would be helpful, too, to have a little more to offset the less.


But we are living, we are free and we are resillient.  Sometimes we need a little push, and that's OK.


Holiday time extends for me because Friday (January 4th) is my birthday. Another year? Yeah ... I'll take it. Am I lucky or what! Scared, sometimes ... yes. But I am lucky, just the same because ....  there are colours in the grayest skies, sunshine after every storm and music in the wind. Sounds silly but it's true. Every year is a blessing.


Happy New Year!