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Teri Silver: Commen-"Teri"

Just Because You Can Say It ....

Posted on December 10, 2012

Is it necessary? The story begins with the ladies in California who were described as "Fat Girls" on their restaurant receipt. Read the story HERE -


OK, yes, they are fat. So what of it? But the story goes beyond a dumb employee "calling a spade a spade." It's the way it was done and the motivation behind it, something said dumb employee may not even realize himself (and am I being fair for labeling him, "dumb?" Nope. And that's the point). 


In this case, it's not about being fat. The ladies are fat, they know that, we know that and we Americans are fat, so what of it? But it is about being singled out in a negative, derogatory manner. It's the same thing as being called names to "describe" nationality, race, gender, creed, sexuality and anything else that comes across as disrespectful to another human being.  I understand why these ladies were upset, and it's not about their weight -- it's about people looking down at them, judging them, making derogatory comments and assumptions because someone else thinks he or she is better than they are. This is an example of a different kind of bullying, but it is bullying no matter what anyone thinks is "the truth." Name calling does hurt ... and then they were sneered at when they brought the slur to the restaurant manager's attention.  I think these ladies have shown a lot of courage to talk about it, knowing that people would make fun of them. And, in itself, while it may not seem "newsworthy," it actually is newsworthy because it's one example of how people (still) treat each other today. We have a long way to go, it seems.